Thursday, 13 July 2017

1969 Barry Smith & Dave Cockrum Interviews

Jump back, baby. In 1969, a 16 year old Gary Groth had his own Marvel-centric fan publication called Fantastic Fanzine. From it, here's a couple of interviews with a 20 year old Barry Smith and a 25 year old Dave Cockrum, along with spot illustrations each did for the mag.
At the time, Bazza had done two issues of Avengers, three of Daredevil, and one each of X-Men and Nick Fury, while Dave was still a fan artist, dreaming of the day he might become a pro.
So these are fascinating little snapshots, and I'm only sorry I can't remember which site I found them on. If you're the original scanner, let me know, and I'll credit you. In the meantime, Here's Barry & Dave.


  1. I enjoyed Barry Smith's early work. I'm lucky enough to have some of his stuff from both Daredevil and the Avengers, and I enjoyed his bombastic, somewhat rough style in those days. He was still finding his own style as an artist, so you could detect a lot of Kirby and maybe Sterenko in his stuff, and it was fun to look at.
    I like his later work too.


  2. I like the Kirby period too. I'm sure he hates it now, but it has real energy.